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Why the Conversation Matters

| Ameya Deshmukh
Candidate Experience
Why the Conversation matters

The all-too-common disconnect between candidates and recruiters remains a serious issue in today’s hiring market. Many candidates are left ghosted after submitting a job application. Recruiter ghosting discourages candidates during the lengthy, high-stress application process, leaves a bad taste in a candidate’s mouth, and negatively affects your organization’s reputation. Whether it’s being ignored or left without feedback as to why they didn’t receive the job, 60% of job seekers have reported an overall negative candidate experience with hiring managers. And in response, only 46% of businesses report improving their recruitment efforts (at least semiannually) that affect candidate experience.

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By transitioning your recruiting processes from transactional to conversational, the interaction between you and the candidate becomes more human — resulting in a more positive experience for candidates. The happier your candidate is, the higher their engagement with the hiring process will be. And, even if you don’t extend an offer, they’ll have good things to share about their experience with your organization. Thanks to Conversational AI technology (CAI), transforming your candidate experience through strategic conversation has never been easier.

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The Way You Communicate with Candidates Matters

Nothing is more frustrating to a candidate than a lack of transparency throughout the hiring process. Candidates want timely responses when it comes to their application status, the next steps in the hiring process, and any necessary feedback if they did not receive the job. 80-90% of candidates report that a positive or negative candidate experience can change their mind about a company. Therefore, if a candidate’s experience was negative, they will likely vent about their frustrations on websites such as Glassdoor. In fact, 55% of job seekers reported avoiding certain companies after reading negative online reviews. If your hiring process fails to reflect who your company is and what its values are, it’s time to restructure the way you recruit.

Recruiting with Chatbots Doesn’t Have to Feel Robotic

The last thing you want your company to feel is robotic. How can using chatbots possibly make recruiting efforts seem human when, in reality, the conversation is being powered by AI? Mya’s advanced technology has surpassed the traditional chatbot. With old-school chatbots, candidates are often fully aware of when there isn’t an actual human behind the screen. People are not likely to be ‘tricked’ into thinking a chatbot is a human, but using conversational AI makes the experience more enjoyable and efficient for both parties.

Having more of a transactional or even flakey recruiting process is what will lead to those negative Glassdoor reviews and make candidates uninterested in applying for a position at your company. Instead, you can adopt newer, more intelligent Conversational AI(CAI). This technology can hold non-linear, logical conversations with candidates that build trust. By taking advantage of Mya, your candidates will feel like they’re talking to a real human that cares about their career journey.

How to Meet Human Needs Through Conversational Recruiting AI

Dynamic CAI is a powerful tool you can use to meet your conversational recruiting needs. How can you ensure that you’ve chosen a chatbot that consistently meets human expectations? If the chatbot is able to go beyond linear conversations and closes all conversational gaps, it is a relatively clear giveaway that the chatbot is reliable.

Here are the specific features you should look for when you decide to implement a chatbot into your recruitment process:

  1. Programmed to understand the context of a conversation
  2. Flexible and able to adapt to the flow of a conversation
  3. Has predictable performance
  4. Takes place in real-time
  5. Offers cross-channel messaging
  6. Highly personalizable

It sounds a bit too obvious, but your candidates should be the center of your hiring process. With a focus on authentic conversation and meeting the experiential needs of your candidates, they can tell that their time is valued throughout the process. It’s time for you to begin exceeding your candidate’s expectations rather than feeling dragged through a cold process.

In today’s digital age, there is no longer a need to use traditional chatbots that don’t understand the makeup of human interactions and norms. Mya’s incredibly advanced Conversational AI creates personal, dynamic conversations with candidates, taking their engagement with your hiring process to the next level. Jumpstart your candidate experience by booking a free demo with Mya today.

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