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Mya’s Winter Product Release: The Latest Conversational AI Tech Updates

Kristin Hunter
| Kristin Hunter
Conversational AI, Future of Work

At Mya, we believe strongly in innovation — you don’t become one of the best conversational AI recruitment solutions on the market by staying stagnant. We’re continuously working on feature updates and software enhancements to support a better candidate and user experience. Over the past couple of months, we’ve been rolling out these updates, and we are excited to announce the new changes and enhancements – now live! Below we break down four of the product updates we’ve made to create a more insightful and enjoyable hiring experience for all.

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1. Conversation Summary & Review

The candidate experience is one of our highest priorities. Mya now provides a summary of the candidate conversation back to the candidate for review, to ensure what Mya understood is accurate. Sometimes, candidates are disqualified for an open position when they don’t meet the pre-set requirements for a given role. When this happens, candidates will now have the opportunity to flag their conversations for a recruiter to review. If a candidate believes they were wrongly disqualified, they will be prompted to review the information that disqualified them. From there, they can either confirm the information or request a further review. With our latest software updates, users can also filter these conversations, so those flagged for review are populated at the top of their search.

2. Signals & Search

As a conversational AI solution, Mya collects a wealth of information on passive and active candidates through engaging conversation. Things like job interests, being open to new opportunities, job availability, salary requirements, etc.  This data, or “signals,” can be used by recruiters to filter candidate conversations, enabling them to find the right applicant for their role. This enhanced feature integrates with all templates and blueprints Mya has, ensuring backward compatibility. Users can download a subset of candidates based on the signals and filters they select. This download may be used to generate an outreach campaign by uploading it to the campaign wizard.

3. Status & Trends

Our status and trends reports got an analytics upgrade! Users now have easy access to a full executive summary of the health of their account. With enhanced insights into your monthly activity and a fresh landing page acting as the centralized hub of your activity analytics, users can quickly and easily share data and information with stakeholders and other users. Our detailed analytics assist with strategic decision-making, enabling leaders to make adjustments in real-time.

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4. Candidate Response Times

When it comes to attracting and retaining top talent, employers need to ensure consistent and timely communication. A great candidate experience makes the difference between a strong hire and an employee who is disengaged from day one. With Mya’s latest product updates, hiring professionals can quickly and efficiently track candidate responses, with features that help filter conversations. Users have the comfort of knowing when a candidate responds and can filter by job, allowing users to better understand when and where candidates are responding, and when to execute campaigns for the highest possible engagement.

Mya remains committed to creating a cutting-edge and positive experience for candidates and recruiters alike. Our wide range of customizable features and insightful analytics support your hiring goals and help you source and retain higher-quality candidates. If you have any questions or would like to see Mya in action, reach out to one of our experts and schedule your free demo today.


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