Building Better in 2021

A Virtual Conversation on the Lasting Impact of 2020 Hiring Trends and How to Prepare for a Successful 2021

Hosted by Mya


Eyal Grayevsky

CEO & Co-Founder
Mya Systems


David Francis

Director of Research
Talent Tech Lab

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After a year of drastic change, organizations are taking time to recover and reflect on the most influential trends within the hiring industry in 2020. With eyes set on the new year, companies are beginning to wonder what the future of work looks like and how they can best prepare for a year that embraces virtual work and the new talent technologies it brings.

Join Mya’s CEO and CoFounder, Eyal Grayevsky, and Talent Tech Labs Research Director, David Francis, as they identify what trends to expect for the new year and strategies organizations can implement to build back better in 2021.