Automate and Scale Candidate Communication with the AI-driven recruiting platform designed for Staffing

Leverage the power of Mya to accelerate communication and conversion across recruitment life cycle, all within Bullhorn

Direct ATS Deployment

All Mya text conversations can be configured, executed, and managed directly within your Bullhorn interface.

Immediate Outreach

Instantly engage candidates from all application sources, such as your careers page, job boards, and text-to-apply efforts.

End-to-End Automation

Automate the entire process of scheduling and coordinating interviews while updating candidate records within Bullhorn in real-time.

Bullhorn customers can see a dramatic increase in completed screenings, fill rates, and recruiter productivity. Mya's Conversational AI recruiting platform is the only recruitment chatbot in the Bullhorn marketplace with this capability.

Seamless integration of conversational AI into your arsenal to transform your recruiting processes

Find out how Mya:

  • Integrates with your ATS careers pages and commercial job boards
  • Provides real-time candidates profiles and job submission updates
  • Works with your current and future tech stack

“Mya operates inside Bullhorn just like a recruiter would and works in tandem with your existing workflows and any new workflows you may create.”

The Leading Conversational AI Platform for Hiring Teams

Find out how Mya can be leveraged for:

  • Recruitment Process Automation
  • Outreach Automation
  • Building Candidate Relationships
  • Transforming the Hiring Process for Recruiters

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