Convert Your Career Site Visitors with Conversational AI

Mya Engage places our conversational AI recruiting assistant onto your career site to convert applicants, surface jobs, and answer FAQs.

For Leaders Who Value Candidate Experience, Mya Is the Only Choice in Recruiting AI and Automation

Mya Engage is powered by the world’s most reliable conversational AI platform. The largest employers and most successful staffing agencies in the world trust our platform to safeguard their candidate experience, automate their workflows, and support their recruiting strategy.

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Reduce Your Cost Per Applicant with
Conversational AI for Your Career Site

Cost per applicant has risen by 60% since January and time to fill increases by 200-300% in recessions. Mya Engage makes your career site more efficient, reduces costs, and speeds up your recruiting process.

Make Your Career
Site a Standout
Candidate Experience

Mya ensures your site visitors can always get the answers they need to find the jobs that are right for them.

  • 24/7 engagement, language support, & mobile-optimized
  • Trigger launch automatically or on button press
  • Seamlessly transitions between job search, profile capture, and FAQ modes
deploy mya engage on specific pages or deploy sitewide

Surface the Right Job to the
Right Visitor at the Right Time

Mya determines candidate interest, surfaces relevant jobs, and guides candidates to apply. This is how Mya Engage increases applicant volume and quality at the same time.

  • Mya asks questions to determine interest & filters thousands of jobs
  • Mya elegantly displays relevant open jobs in the chat window
  • Candidates start their application by clicking directly on the job card
Use an XML Feed to Automatically Update Mya With Open Roles

Build a Talent Pipeline
for Followup

No matter what you do, some career site visitors won’t be ready to apply.

  • Mya collects contact info and opts in candidates to communications
  • Candidate profiles appear in the Mya Portal
Export Candidate Profiles via CSV for AI or recruiter driven outreach.

Go Beyond
Basic FAQ Automation

Every career site needs FAQ automation, but why settle for an FAQ bot when you can get so much more with Mya? Mya Engage perfectly answers FAQs, builds talent pipelines, and directs candidates to open jobs that are relevant to them.

  • Conversational AI features create a better candidate experience than recruiting chatbots
  • With 40+ out the box FAQS, Mya Engage is ready to answer every question
  • Options for powerful workflow automations through our full conversational AI platform
Mya Engage on mobile screenshot

The Ultimate Guide to Career Site Engagement

Frameworks, best practices, and tactics to get more applicants, candidates, and value from your career site.

What You’ll Get From the Guide:

  • Intro to AI Career Site Engagement
  • 4 Elements Behind Highly Engaging Career Sites
  • 7 Step Framework for Career Site Optimization
  • 23 Careers Site Best Practices
  • 5 Case Studies of Innovative Career Sites
Mya career site engagement mockup

How Career Site Engagement Unlocks a World
of Recruiting Automation Possibilities

Deploying recruiting AI on your career site is an easy way to test the effectiveness of AI. However, only conversational AI can truly transform your candidate experience and efficiency. Recruiting chatbots can’t offer the experience, or workflows in our CAI platform.

You see, Mya Engage is part of our comprehensive Conversational AI platform. Only our platform gives you the capability to automate the most inefficient portions of your process with powerful AI-driven workflows. For example:


Mya Engage + Mya Recruit

Use Mya Recruit to screen and schedule the applicants generated by Mya Engage.


Mya Engage + Mya Outreach

Use Mya Outreach to build out the candidate profiles captured by Mya Engage and generate interest for specific positions.


Mya Engage + Analytics

Analytics give you vision into your recruiting process through conversation quality metrics, drop off reports, and candidate satisfaction scores.


Mya Engage + ATS Integrations

Use our verified partner integrations to enable intuitive workflows and strong interoperability between your AI and ATS.

Create an AI Strategy for Your Career Site

Book a demo of Mya Engage, and a strategy call with our team. We’ll help you uncover the most impactful opportunities for you to use recruiting AI to create efficiency and improve your candidate experience.

You’ll learn more about the powerful automated workflows our conversational AI platform can enable for you and finally find honest answers to all of your questions about AI and automation. Schedule a time to speak with us today.

Create an AI Strategy for Your Career Site

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