Mya Conversational AI for Staffing Agencies

How do the world’s largest high volume staffing agencies improve placement rate, recruiting efficiency, and candidate experience?

By choosing Mya as their conversational AI for staffing and recruiting.

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Automate and Scale Communication with Artificial Intelligence for Staffing

Before Mya:
  • 85% of applicants fall into “the black hole”
  • 7-10 days average time from apply to scheduled
  • 1-2% passive candidate outreach response rate
  • 37% applicant screen completion rate
  • 3.33% placement rate
After Mya:
  • 0% of applicants fall into “the black hole”
  • 8.8 minutes average time from apply to scheduled
  • 30-40% passive candidate outreach response rate
  • 93% applicant screen completion rate
  • 12.5% placement rate

Transform Your Staffing Agency with Conversational AI


Higher placement rates


Average increase in completion rates (e.g. 40% to 91%)


Average reduction in time-to-interview


Average increase in funnel conversion


Average outreach response rate from passive and reactivated candidates


Average increase in recruiter productivity


Average reduced scoring costs

Up to 4:1

Applicant-to-hire ration (down from 10:1 without Mya)

Up to 10x

Improvement in passive candidate response rate (from 4.5% to 45%)

“From the recruiter’s viewpoint, Mya’s allowing them to see more candidates per day, give more relationship and candidate care, with more follow-ups, more conversations, and more outreach.”

– SVP of Operations, Global Staffing Agency

Accelerate time to interview with continuous candidate engagement

Without Conversational AI for Staffing:
  • Candidates are not engaged by recruiters
  • Scaling recruiting globally is challenging
  • Redeployment placement time frames are long
  • Worker turnover makes redeployment challenging
With Conversational AI for Staffing:
  • Mya engages applicants on your website, job boards, social media sites, via SMS, and messaging apps
  • Mya operates 24/7/365 and creates a consistent experience for candidates in 30 languages
  • Mya facilitates redeployment conversations as contracts come to a close

“We hear a lot when people apply they feel like they’ve applied to a black hole. They don’t hear from the organization. We wanted to jump in and solve that. Through Mya, we reach out to our candidates almost immediately.”

– VP of Operations, Adecco

Automatically keep your ATS/CRM database up to date

Without Conversational AI for Staffing:
  • You have millions of candidates in your database but their data is out of date
  • Manual passive candidate outreach is ineffective
With Conversational AI for Staffing:
  • Mya reaches out to your passive database, engages candidates, and reactivates them
  • Mya gathers data from conversations and updates fields on your candidate profiles directly in your database
  • Your database is more engaged, up to date, and useable than ever before

“Before Mya, it took us, 10 full-time recruiters, 5 full days to reach out and connect with 1,000 passive candidates. Mya delivered the same results in 11 minutes.”

– VP of Recruitment Operations, Advantage Solutions

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Revolutionize Recruiting

Mya’s proprietary Conversational AI for staffing and recruiting platform uses state-of-the-art natural language processing and machine learning techniques to automate outreach and communications with job candidates across the end-to-end recruiting process

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