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General Staffing


Mya enabled Adecco to transform their client and candidate experience through digitization and a streamlined recruitment process.

Reduce Your Time-To-Fill

Leading staffing firms see improved efficiency, speed, and conversion rates with Mya Recruit.

Adecco faced high applicant volume and heavy resilience on job boards to source candidates, making the conversion process long and costly. Add an inconsistent candidate experience for competitive roles, and any staffing firm is left with high candidate drop off.

To improve efficiency, speed, and conversion rates, Adecco implemented Mya Recruit for their warehouse, call center, and manufacturing roles across the US and Canada. This allowed them to see more candidates per day, provide more follow-ups, and better outreach. After implementation, they saw an 89% screen completion rate, 79% reduction in time to interview, and a whopping 123% increase in recruiter productivity.




Kelly Services is a global leader in workforce management solutions offering staffing services to top companies across a variety of industries. Connecting talented people with companies in need of their skills is what we do. The top talent of today and tomorrow is already open to new ways to work.

Expand Your Talent Pool

Find qualified candidates in high-volume and high-demand technical positions.

The tech industry has faced high-volume staffing needs, with recruiters needing to comb through a large number of candidates in a short amount of time. With many candidates, recruiters can fall into the trap of spending more time screening candidates and scheduling interviews than spending time interviewing the actual candidates. To help combat this barrier, recruiters need to rely on a tool that helps them gain back their time and handle tedious tasks.

With Mya Recruit, Kelly Services automated their recruiting workflows and candidate conversations. Our robust features helped interact with and screen candidates, ensuring recruiters were hiring from the best talent pools. After just 8 months, Mya Recruit helped to save Kelly Services recruiters more than 2,900 hours. More than 22,000 candidates have engaged with Mya Recruit through Kelly Services’ career sites, leading to an overall candidate ranking of 4.8 out of 5 for their recruitment efforts. This allowed them to coordinate their messaging strategy, track conversation history, and respond to applicants outside of the standard operating hours. After using Mya Recruit, they saw a much faster response time and a 3x increase in scheduled interviews




Mya assisted Emerald Health Services in achieving their goals. By increasing communication and touchpoints with candidates, Emerald created an automated and resilient hiring process.

Optimize Your Recruiter Efficiency

Healthcare agencies facing high turnover and low retention rates see increases in application to hire.

Emerald Health Services is a travel nursing recruitment agency that implemented Mya Recruit to target travel nurses with dynamic, engaging career site conversations. They implemented Mya Recruit to give their recruiters more time to spend with candidates so they could work to improve their candidate engagement and experience so that they could scale and grow their business.

Recruiters were thrilled with the amount of time they got back by simply implementing Mya. Out of all the candidates that came to the careers site, 15% of them engaged with Mya. And within just 6 months, Mya completed 2,195 conversations saving their recruiters about 566 hours of time, which includes 455 candidates scheduled for interviews.

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With help from Mya, L’Oreal increased their candidate experience and saw heightened levels of diversity in their hiring efforts.

Automate Your Hiring Process

Retail candidates love a modern, quick, fun, and innovative application process.

L’Oréal faced the daunting challenge of hiring in high-volume, but they didn’t want their candidate experience to suffer in a low-touch process. The retail giant employed Mya Recruit at the global level across 17 countries, in English, Spanish, and French.

The average recruiter takes 45 minutes to screen, schedule, and conduct a phone interview. With Mya, L’Oréal saw this entire process consolidated into 4-5 minutes. Mya automated the repetitive, time-consuming tasks slowing their recruiters down and improved diversity across their retail sales and internship roles by 30%, leaving candidates with a 99% satisfaction rate.




Learn More about Mya Recruit for Manufacturing.

With a passion for innovation and accountability, Advantage Solutions prides itself on delivering winning results as an intermediary for manufacturers and retailers for over 3 decades.

Reach High-Quality Talent Fast

Fast, qualified placements for the Manufacturing industry’s unique needs.

Like most manufacturing companies, this client needed to fill roles quickly as demand increased. Their high-volume manual process caused recruiters to not spend the time they needed to engage with candidates to increase success rates. They knew they couldn’t lower their standards for their production associates, so they looked at Conversational AI to help increase their conversion rates, candidate engagement, and also decrease the amount of time recruiters spent on administrative tasks.

With Mya Recruit, this manufacturing staffing client cut down their sourcing resources and saw higher-quality candidates in their funnel. In fact, 79% of Mya’s qualified applicants passed the initial assessment compared to the 72% success rate from their manual process. With the higher quality candidates put into the funnel by Mya, recruitment teams had candidates that were a much better fit for the companies that they were hiring for and, in turn, had a higher chance of being hired once interviewed.



The Leading Conversational AI Platform for Finance.

Using natural language and dialogue to build trust and confidence, Mya engages and communicates with candidates through every step of the recruiting process. Both candidates and recruiters love our end-to-end software — that’s why we have a 97% candidate satisfaction rate!

Gain A Competitive Edge In Financial Recruiting

How Mya enables recruiters in the finance industry to reach their hiring goals.

The finance sector is facing new challenges with attracting and recruiting the best talent. As the fight for top talent intensifies, recruiters need to create an excellent candidate experience to stay out above the competition. Mya Systems provides financial services firms with an innovative and efficient way to find, screen, and hire talent more quickly.

With our sophisticated artificial intelligence and conversational AI, recruiters can create a hiring pipeline that facilitates a positive candidate experience and nurtures top talent. Candidates enjoy the human-like conversations, while recruiters enjoy automating tedious tasks like interview scheduling. With Mya, recruiters can broaden their reach to find higher-quality candidates, while all candidates feel seen and respected by the company.

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