The Solution to Your High-Volume Hiring Headache: AI

| Ashley Robinson
Artificial Intelligence, Future of Work | 12 min read
AI for High-Volume Hiring

High-volume hiring is not for the faint of heart. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Recruiters actually ranked contacting and screening dozens of candidates as the #1 pain point of the recruiting process. Imagine how this escalates when we’re talking about hundreds, or even thousands of candidates for larger enterprises. Using artificial intelligence to automate low-value, high-volume recruiting tasks will increase the productivity of your team and improve the hiring experience for candidates and recruiters alike.

Talentculture Recruiting Funnel

Scalability, speed, and availability are all hyper-critical when trying to hire for high volume roles. AI-powered HR solutions can augment your talent acquisition efforts and make it easy for you and your recruiting team.

Candidate Outreach

The first step is building out your candidate pipeline to support high-volume needs. The bigger the reach, the better. That requires sourcing from every accessible channel and determining interest in the role, in addition to talent rediscovery using your existing recruitment database. AI will automate that process as well as match candidates to specific roles based on their interests and work experience.

Application Process

HR tech solutions addressing the application stage of the hiring process should be built to elicit increased applicant engagement and response rates. The conversational nature of sophisticated AI recruiting assistants like Mya allow employers to capture candidate information to make more informed hiring decisions while preserving a great candidate experience. This information is also useful to maintain up-to-date candidate profiles and when seeking to reengage passive candidates in your CRM.

Screening & Qualification

Quality and quantity are equally critical in high volume recruitment. Studies have shown that up to 75% of qualified candidates can be filtered out using data within an applicant tracking system (ATS). While you want to improve the efficiency of your screening processes, you also need to be sure that the appropriate applicants are being screened out. Every business has their own idea of the “perfect” candidate. Incorporating artificial intelligence allows recruiters to spend their time with candidates that you think are the best fit for your business. In addition, automated shortlisting can save hours of recruiting time.

Interview Scheduling

Is your team spending time with qualified candidates as often as they’d like? Probably not. Time-sucking tasks can distract them from the most important aspects of the recruitment process, especially when hiring for high-volume roles. People-centric components like conducting interviews and making offers should be about just that: people. AI recruiting software like Mya can schedule, reschedule and even remind candidates about upcoming job interviews. Integrations with calendar providers make this seamless and quick so your hiring managers can bring on the right talent, faster.

AI recruiting assistants have the opportunity to be your team’s favorite (digital) coworker. Make life easier for them – and you – while improving each step along your recruitment process and elevating your employer brand.

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