How AI improves candidate-recruiter relationships

| Ashley Robinson
Artificial Intelligence, Candidate Experience
How AI improves candidate-recruiter relationships

The human touch is invaluable in the recruitment process, and new AI-driven technology is unparalleled in helping organizations optimize their recruitment efforts. While AI has been credited with surfacing new learnings about human behavior and even predicting it, artificial intelligence can also reveal key insights about human relationships. AI and automation in recruitment has the potential to not only strengthen the recruiter-hiring manager relationship, but also the tie between candidates and recruiters.

Some argue the candidate-recruiter relationship defines your candidate’s experience, but it starts far before then. While recruiters are the first point of contact, your AI recruiting assistant can ensure the very first impression of your talent brand is a good one and set your recruiting team up for success. By applying AI to the end-to-end recruitment life cycle, you’ll reap the rewards of better hires, higher candidate engagement and a headstart to your employee retention strategy.

Moving with speed is a win-win for employers and candidates alike. Applicants consistently rank responsiveness as the leading pain point of job searching. Conversational AI platforms like Mya are available anytime to engage candidates via any channel by answering questions and quickly guiding them through the funnel. AI recruiting chatbots can even go the extra mile by recommending roles within your organization that may be a better fit for the candidate. In today’s talent shortage, an efficient and personalized hiring process can give your organization a competitive edge.

The improvement in efficiency has added benefits that result in the optimal candidate-recruiter relationship. Mya Recruit can streamline your existing recruiting efforts as well as fill your hiring team’s calendars with qualified & enthusiastic candidates. This allows recruiters to connect with applicants sooner and in a more meaningful way due to having new, detailed insights pulled directly from the conversation with the AI recruiting assistant. The positive sentiment created since the first moment of interacting with your brand sets the bar for a delightful candidate experience, and seamless recruiter experience.

As AI recruitment technology adoption continues to grow, losing the human aspect of HR remains the biggest concern. However, AI has the potential to be your recruiting team’s best asset. The most successful teams combine the strengths of people and technology. Human-AI collaboration offers the greatest ROI by empowering teams to do more of the work they love and supporting organizations in achieving greater results.

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