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5 Steps Toward a Shatterproof Recruiting Plan for 2021 & Beyond

Lock in a Shatterproof Recruiting Plan for 2021 & Beyond


TA leaders are looking toward 2021 as a fresh start to reach their recruiting goals. The new year is an opportunity to maximize efficiency, streamline processes, and essentially achieve more with less. But this doesn’t magically happen when the ball drops at midnight. 

This comprehensive checklist provides the necessary steps to uncover a new approach to recession-proof, cost-effective recruitment in 2021 — from kicking up recruiter efficiency to boosting ROI — all on a reduced budget plan.

Downloadable Checklist

This guide will walk you through the 5 steps to:
Mya 5 Steps Toward a Shatterproof
  • Understand the role automation plays in the most effective recruiting plans
  • Explain what tools you need to yield high ROI
  • Identify areas in your previous processes that need work
  • View your 2021 planning from a tech-perspective
  • Envision a personalized conversational AI-powered recruiting strategy for your company

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