1.8 M

Applications processed

Instantly connect with and convert qualified applicants at high volumes.


Interviews scheduled

Provide candidates instant feedback and capture interest.


Screening completion rate

Engage candidates, answer questions and accelerate movement through the recruiting process.

<72 hrs


Automate interview scheduling and reduce the time-to-interview by 79%.


Global site deployments

Scale the deployment across the world, multiple locations and teams.


Increase in recruiter productivity

Free recruiters from repetitive tasks and allow them to spend more time with qualified leads.

Reliance on Sourcing

80% of recruiters are overwhelmed, complaining of not enough time in the day to spend on the activities they need, such as spending more time with hiring managers.

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Improving Candidate Experience

Support your talent brand by providing a meaningful candidate experience through seamless, instant communication and continuous engagement.

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Refreshing Passive Databases

The recruitment database is only as good as the data you have in it. Bringing in the best candidates relies on having accurate information and knowing who to reach out to.

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