Candidates screened

Instantly acknowledge and qualify candidates for any role across the globe, in multiple languages.


Improved candidate demographics

Leverage Mya to diversify your talent pool and reduce unconscious bias.


Candidate engagement

Mya provides efficient interaction with candidates directly in the apply path.

Nearly 100%

Satisfaction rate

Available 24/ 7/ 365, Mya eliminates the black hole for applicants while providing transparency.


Candidate Satisfaction

Delight candidates and improve your employer brand with an application experience you know they’ll love.


Application process

Streamline applications for candidates to improve your overall applicant flow.

Reliance on Sourcing

80% of recruiters are overwhelmed, complaining of not enough time in the day to spend on the activities they need, such as spending more time with hiring managers.

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Refreshing Passive Databases

The recruitment database is only as good as the data you have in it. Bringing in the best candidates relies on having accurate information and knowing who to reach out to.

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High Volume Hiring

Recruiters are constantly overwhelmed with inbound applications and need to spend less than twenty seconds per profile in order to get through their daily lists.

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