Cold candidate leads contacted

Gauge interest and gather deep profile insights from passive candidates.


Candidate statuses refreshed

Maintain accurate records in your database with real-time updates.


Increase in recruiter productivity

Allow the recruiting team to work smarter, and faster, by ensuring they have the latest information.

<5 Minutes

Average time required to update

Mya converses with candidates and updates their profile in a fraction of the time.


Passive candidates re-activated

Improve your team’s sourcing efforts and uncover hidden talent.


Response rates

Attract candidates and discover interest areas through personalized and dynamic conversations.

Improving Candidate Experience

Support your talent brand by providing a meaningful candidate experience through seamless, instant communication and continuous engagement.

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High Volume Hiring

Recruiters are constantly overwhelmed with inbound applications and need to spend less than twenty seconds per profile in order to get through their daily lists.

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Reliance on Sourcing

80% of recruiters are overwhelmed, complaining of not enough time in the day to spend on the activities they need, such as spending more time with hiring managers.

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