Candidate outreaches

Increase sourcing efficiency by reaching out to cold, passive candidates within your database.


Outreach response rate

Mya personalizes conversations based on context to engage candidates.


Increase in response rates

Engage with candidates, understand interest levels and convert them to active applicants.


Candidates scheduled

Interested and active candidates are scheduled to speak with recruiters about open positions.


Converted applicants

Warm, qualified leads added to the pipeline, ready for recruiters to follow up with.


Candidate satisfaction

Mya uses open-ended, natural language to build trust and confidence with its users.

High Volume Hiring

Recruiters are constantly overwhelmed with inbound applications and need to spend less than twenty seconds per profile in order to get through their daily lists.

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Refreshing Passive Databases

The recruitment database is only as good as the data you have in it. Bringing in the best candidates relies on having accurate information and knowing who to reach out to.

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Improving Candidate Experience

Support your talent brand by providing a meaningful candidate experience through seamless, instant communication and continuous engagement.

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