Source candidates for any role in minutes with Conversational AI

Mya Outreach lets your recruiters spend more time talking to candidates and less time sourcing talent from your candidate database.

For Leaders Who Value Candidate Experience, Mya Is the Only Choice in Recruiting AI and Automation

Mya Outreach is powered by the world’s most reliable Conversational AI Platform. The largest employers and most successful staffing agencies in the world trust our platform to safeguard their candidate experience, automate their workflows, and protect their diversity and inclusion strategy.

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Your Candidate Database Should Be Your Best Source of Candidates

The candidates in your database cost years of work and millions of dollars to acquire. The problem is you haven’t had an effective way to talk to them or update their data. But now you do, meet Mya Outreach.

Mya outreach automation

Scale Sourcing Efforts to Existing Talent Pools

Mya Outreach is the fastest, safest, and easiest way to automatically source candidates from your database.

  • Mya is easy for recruiters to use. It saves their time, keeps them compliant, and reduces unconscious bias.
  • Mya makes candidates feel like they are catching up with their favorite recruiter. Conversation design creates strong engagement and efficiency.
  • Mya gives you the ability to scale sourcing for hundreds of roles across +12 industries.
Recruiters can launch, manage, and monitor Outreach Campaigns directly from the Mya portal

Replace Inefficient SMS/Email Blasts with Conversational AI

Outreach creates 2 types of conversations that give you accurate, relevant, data on every candidate and the ability to source candidates on demand for every role directly from your database.

  • A Profile Refresh conversation updates your database with all the data you need and makes it searchable.
  • A Requisition conversation sources candidates for you in minutes for a specific role.
  • Unlike manual outreach, Outreach is fully automated. It saves your recruiters’ time on communications and data entry.
Track the performance of Outreach directly in the Mya portal

Enrich and Refresh All of Your Candidate Data

If your recruiters could wave a magic wand to refresh all the data in your database, they would.

Profile Refresh gives your recruiters that magic wand, & an integration automatically uploads data and makes it searchable.

  • Mya refreshes basic information such as location, email, and phone number.
  • Mya enriches candidate profiles with job history, work status, work authorization, and much more.
  • Mya makes this data actionable in your ATS through a verified integration or CSV upload.
Profile Refresh creates a general conversation that's good for learning more about your candidates

Source Candidates On-Demand & Reduce Costs

Have a talent pipeline ready in just 11 minutes for any job requisition.

  • Mya engages candidates about a specific job. It informs, answers questions, screens, and schedules.
  • Conversational AI features increase candidate engagement and support increased conversions
  • Mya manages scheduling, cancellation, and rescheduling directly on Google Calendar, Office Calendar, and ATS Calendars.
Unlike profile Refresh, Job requisition focuses on sourcing candidates for a specific job

How Conversational AI is Transforming Recruiting

Identifying high-quality talent is a top challenge facing the recruiting industry. Conversational Artificial Intelligence (CAI), commonly known as intelligent bots, can help organizations solve these recruiting challenges by automating aspects of the hiring process and transforming the online candidate experience.

Inside the whitepaper:

  • Why recruiters are turning to chatbots and conversational AI
  • The technology difference between conversational AI and chatbots
  • How conversational AI benefits recruiters and candidates alike
How_Conversational_AI is transforming recruiting

How Mya Outreach Can Improve Full Funnel Conversion

Mya Outreach will re-engage your existing talent database, refresh profile information and recommend jobs, source passive candidates for new job openings, and schedule warm, qualified leads into interviews. 

It’ll reduce your recruiting costs, improve recruiting speed, and increase conversion rates. Did you know Mya Outreach is part of our Conversational AI Platform?


Mya Outreach + Mya Recruit

Use Mya Outreach to build interest in open jobs, engage your database, and keep your talent pool active. Use Mya Recruit to screen and schedule them.


Mya Outreach + Mya Engage

Mya Engage will funnel your career site visitors into talent pools. Use Mya Outreach to enrich and refresh candidate data and source interest candidates for open roles.


Mya Outreach + Analytics

Analytics give you vision into your recruiting process through conversation quality metrics, drop off reports, and candidate satisfaction scores.


Mya Outreach + ATS Integrations

Use our verified partner integrations to enable intuitive workflows and strong interoperability between your AI and ATS.

Automate Sourcing Candidates from Talent Pools

Book a demo of Mya Outreach, and a strategy call with our team. We’ll help you uncover the most impactful opportunities for you to use recruiting AI to create efficiency and improve your candidate experience.

You’ll learn more about the powerful automated workflows our conversational AI platform can enable for you and finally find honest answers to all of your questions about AI and automation. Schedule a time to speak with us today.

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