How CAI is Addressing the Ghosting Problem

Vinita Venkatesh
| Vinita Venkatesh

Addressing the “Ghosting” Problem

Almost every candidate who’s tried to find a job in today’s fast-paced market has been ghosted by a recruiter. It’s rare that most candidates even receive an automated rejection email—65% of job seekers say they never or rarely receive even an automated rejection notice from employers.

Ghosting is a very real problem in the staffing space today, yet there are modern solutions. Tools like HR chatbots can help develop a robust hiring experience that personalizes the process and keeps candidates engaged.

Here are several ways you can offer a premier hiring experience to your job candidates:

Instant post-application two-way engagement. Automated hiring tools can expedite the screening process by engaging candidates right after they apply and asking them questions about their experience, skills, and salary requirements. Most chatbots are also equipped to answer FAQs about the organization and specific benefits.

Get the data you need when you need it. Beyond suitability, there are several other considerations in the hiring process: approvals from all the interviewers, benefit negotiations, and background verification. instead, pull relevant information from candidate conversations using entity extraction which then automatically populates discrete fields on the candidate profile with this data in real-time in your ATS.

Never ghost a candidate again. A candidate, upon rejection, often desires feedback on what they could have done better. Chatbots can interact with each candidate, explain why it rejected a candidate for a role if asked, and can even redirect candidates to apply to a fallback role.

Guest post on Small Biz Daily by Vinita Venkatesh, VP of Product Marketing, Mya Systems