Mya Systems Unveils Major Platform and Product Updates

Vinita Venkatesh
| Vinita Venkatesh

Significant Platform and Product Improvements Based on Learnings from Over 30 Million Open-ended, Natural Interactions with both Passive and Active Candidates to Enhance Overall Recruiter, Hiring Manager, and Candidate Experience

SAN FRANCISCO, September 30, 2019 – Mya Systems, the leading conversational AI recruiting platform, today announced major updates to its platform and overall product, strengthening the overall recruiter, hiring manager, and candidate experience. Mya’s widespread adoption over the past year has proven it to be an incredibly valuable tool for hiring teams, taking tasks off their plate and freeing them to focus on building meaningful relationships with candidates.

Now supporting over 300 enterprise brands, Mya has amassed an ever-growing dataset gleaned from millions of conversations that have helped inform the next evolution of the conversational AI platform. Among other features, Mya is rolling out an entirely new UI/UX, enhancements to the overall candidate experience, added functionality for hiring teams, and platform capabilities that make it easier for customers to rapidly implement Mya across their business.

“This evolution of Mya is the result of our investments in R&D and the wealth of experience we have gained scaling Mya for many of the largest enterprises and agencies globally,” said Eyal Grayevsky, Co-Founder and CEO of Mya Systems. “The quality of data and insights we are collecting through open-ended, natural conversations across the end-to-end recruiting process puts us in a unique position to deliver the most effective conversational AI platform on the market. The product advancements we are announcing today mark another big step towards our mission to build a far more efficient job market powered by AI.”

Mya’s updated platform introduces the following new capabilities:

Improved usability and functionality

  • Redesigned UI/UX makes it easy for hiring teams to implement Mya across their business and gain visibility into the valuable insights that Mya surfaces. The new version of the platform introduces campaign dashboards, conversation design tools, advanced reporting and analytics, and access to a library of industry best conversational practices.

Blueprint design tools and Mya’s proprietary Conversation Cloud

  • Customers can now gain access to Mya’s expansive catalogue of conversational capabilities, best practices, and learnings through the use of Mya’s Conversation Cloud. With this template library, customers can easily clone and modify existing conversations, or create new “blueprints” for Mya to carry out personalized candidate conversations.

Active campaign management and tracking dashboards

  • Mya’s new campaign management capabilities allow customers to quickly launch sourcing campaigns via their ATS or directly within the Mya portal. Recruiters can automatically generate target lists by matching candidates to jobs or by importing a list from their ATS. Tracking dashboards allow hiring teams to measure the overall performance of their campaigns and progress towards filling open positions.

Enriched candidate profiles and conversation analytics

  • Through its proprietary natural language system, Mya extracts rich data and insights from candidate conversations. With its ability to parse insights from both structured and unstructured responses, Mya can automatically update candidate profiles, perform direct comparisons across candidates, and surface actionable conversation analytics.

Easy workflow management through the use of One-Click Actions

  • Recruiters and hiring managers can now easily perform a wide range of custom actions directly from their calendar or ATS systems to initiate workflows within the Mya platform. For example, users can direct Mya to reschedule or cancel an interview, submit an offer, or disposition a candidate, among other actions, directly from their calendar.

Seamless integrations across the HR technology ecosystem

  • Mya has added 17 new partners and integrations in the past 12 months, and has recently launched more robust APIs, adaptors, and webhooks. Customers can now easily connect their ATS system, regardless of source, with the conversational power of Mya through the use of the Mya Integration Platform.

“With this new platform update, conversational AI is easier to deploy than ever before. Clients can leverage years of experience and best practices, and quickly implement solutions that work best for their business,” said Connie Schiefer, VP of Product Management at Mya Systems. “Mya’s unique ability to capture responses, understand, acknowledge, and navigate those conversations provides unparalleled candidate engagement and insights for hiring teams.”