Can AI bots help L’Oreal improve it’s hiring process?

| Ameya Deshmukh

Mya was featured in the article “Can AI bots help L’Oreal improve it’s hiring process?” on TechWire Asia.  

Here’s an excerpt below – read the full article here. 

According to one report, Global VP of L’Oreal’s human resources department Eva Azoulay said that the company wanted to save time while focusing more on quality, experience, and diversity when looking for suitable candidates.

“And AI solutions were — for us — the best way to go faster on these challenges,” she said.

One of the solutions that L’Oreal uses to help its recruiters save time is an AI-powered chatbot, Mya, which interacts with the potential candidates during the initial stages of the interview process.

It answers queries the job applicant might have and screens for availability and visa requirements.