Downloadable Checklist

Easy-to-Use Cheat Sheet for Preventing Hiring Bias

We all like to think we’re incapable of biases. The reality is that your hiring managers and recruiters are still fighting to prevent their own unconscious bias – and it’s leading to poor hiring decisions.

This easy-to-follow checklist is designed to help you identify areas in your hiring process that may contain unconscious bias, how to reduce bias and its negative impact on your hiring outcomes, and ways to foster diversity within your team. The result? Better hiring decisions.

Downloadable Checklist

Inside this checklist:
Preventing Bias in Hiring Checklist Download
  • Re-evaluate your current process and pinpoint areas that may contain unconscious bias
  • Uncover industry expertise on effective ways of reducing unconscious bias and its negative impact on your process
  • Learn how conversational AI works to reduce bias in hiring

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