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Looking for a staffing and recruiting podcast that keeps it fresh, and conversational? The Conversation and TA20 take on topics spanning AI, candidate experience, the skills gap, unconscious biases, and all things talent acquisition.

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Preventing Unconscious Bias in Your Interview Process

How to structure your interview process to build rapport and prevent unconscious bias. Talent Acquisition in 20 minutes brought to you by Lauren Friedman and Ameya Deshmukh.

How Recruiting Teams Can Create a Great Candidate Experience

In this episode we’ll focus on things recruiters can do to create a great candidate experience, which will result in more successful hires and a faster hiring cycle.

Build an Effective Strategy for Veteran Recruiting

In this episode of The Conversation, I interview Jack Boger, Marine Corps veteran, entrepreneur, and early employee at Shift a talent marketplace that connects service members with ambitious companies who are looking to hire them.

Kickstart Your D&I Initiative – Scott Sessions, CEO Talvista

In today’s episode, we feature Scott Sessions, CEO of Talvista. Scott works directly with Chief Diversity Officers and CHROs at enterprise companies and helps them make the best use of anti-bias technology in their D&I strategy.

How to Improve Time to Hire by Building Alignment With Hiring Managers

In this week’s episode, we discuss tips for agency recruiting teams and internal recruiting teams alike to improve their hiring speed by focusing on building strong alignment with hiring managers.

Employee Storytelling Secrets Behind The World’s Largest Employer Brands

n this episode, we feature Lauryn Sargent, co-founder & partner at Stories Incorporated. Lauryn works with organizations to discover and communicate what's true and unique about their employee experience.

What are the challenges recruiters face today that automation can solve?

In 2020 recruiters will use advances in AI technology to enable and improve human connections between candidates and hiring teams. Being on the front lines with candidates, recruiters are in a unique position to understand the hiring journey and at what point candidates want to speak with a person, whether it’s to get a question answered, calm a concern, or inspire trust.

The Evolutionary Origins of Unconscious Biases in Recruiting

Have you ever wondered why it's so hard to prevent unconscious biases from muddling your hiring process? Well, we've found the answer... and it has a lot to do with caves, cavewomen, cavemen, and sabertooth tigers.

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