Accelerate applicant communication and conversion with Conversational AI

Mya Recruit shortens the time between application and interview, improves the post apply candidate experience, and connects recruiters to qualified candidates.

For Leaders Who Value Candidate Experience, Mya Is the Only Choice in Recruiting AI and Automation

Mya Recruit is powered by the world’s most reliable Conversational AI Platform. The largest employers and most successful staffing agencies in the world trust our platform to safeguard their candidate experience, automate their workflows, and support their recruiting strategy.

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End the Black Hole & Hire Faster

85% of applications fall into the black hole, 71% of employers report a lack of quality candidates, and 91% of recruiters say they don’t have time to perform their jobs. Mya Recruit engages every applicant, finds quality candidates, and saves recruiters time.

Accelerate Applicant Communication and Conversion

Mya Recruit improves the efficiency, speed, and applicant to hire conversion on every apply path.

  • Mya Recruit identifies best-fit candidates and schedules them for interviews
  • Mya Recruit supports 3 apply paths: message to apply, career site/job board, and Facebook Ads.
  • Mya Recruit engages applicants via SMS, web chat, or Facebook Messenger.
Clients who survey applicants on their RPA experience report the highest candidate satisfaction scores

Surface More Qualified, Engaged, and Interested Applicants Faster

Mya Recruit Screening surfaces more of your best-fit applicants faster and improves recruiter productivity for both high volume and high touch roles.

  • Mya Recruit screens high volumes of applicants faster without sacrificing candidate experience or employer brand.
  • Frees recruiters to focus their efforts on engaging prequalified top prospects for highly skilled professional roles
  • Mya Recruit creates strong screening completion rates and also boosts the completion rates of any other screening you do.

Connect Your Recruiters to Quality Candidates Faster

Mya Recruit Scheduling manages interview coordination, scheduling, cancellation, and rescheduling for your recruiters.

  • Mya Recruit Scheduling integrates with Office 360 Calendar, Google Calendar, and ATS Calendars.
  • Recruiters can set available times for Mya Recruit to schedule appointments through their calendar or the Mya Portal.
  • Qualified candidates are directly scheduled onto your recruiters’ calendars and appointments populate a PDF containing each candidate’s Mya Recruit conversation transcript.
You can also configure RPA to schedule multiple qualified candidates to a single time slot for hiring events

Scale AI for Post Apply Engagement

Our Conversational AI Platform gives you all the support you need to accelerate applicant communication and conversion at scale with AI.

  • Use Mya Recruit conversation templates  to improve post apply speed and efficiency for any job
  • Use Mya Recruit anywhere in the world with multi-language support, regulatory compliance, and messaging apps.
  • Create an effective workflow for your recruiting team with the Mya Portal or an ATS integration.

3 Ways AI is a Game Changer for Recruiters

This guide will show you how AI can make the recruitment process more streamlined, efficient and less stressful for all concerned.

What You’ll Get From the Guide:

  • How to offload tedious and time-consuming recruiting tasks to AI
  • How to use AI to provide real-time conversation and Q/A to candidates in an engaging manner
  • How to use AI to improve the candidate experience
3 Ways AI is a Game Changer for Recruiters Mockup

How Mya Recruit Accelerates Applicant Communication and Conversion

Using conversational AI to screen and schedule applicants can reduce your time to interview by 79%. But there are even more efficiency gains to be had by deploying our complete conversational AI platform.


Mya Recruit + Mya Engage

Use Mya Recruit to screen and schedule the applicants generated by Mya Engage.


Mya Recruit + Mya Outreach

Use Mya Outreach to source candidates for specific roles and Mya Recruit to screen and schedule applicants.


Mya Recruit + Analytics

Analytics give you vision into your recruiting process through conversation quality metrics, drop off reports, and candidate satisfaction scores.


Mya Recruit + ATS Integrations

Use our verified partner integrations to enable intuitive workflows and strong interoperability between your AI and ATS.

Automate Post Apply Candidate Engagement with AI

Book a demo of Mya Recruit, and a strategy call with our team. We’ll help you uncover the most impactful opportunities for you to use recruiting AI to create efficiency and improve your candidate experience.

You’ll learn more about the powerful automated workflows our conversational AI platform can enable for you and finally find honest answers to all of your questions about AI and automation. Schedule a time to speak with us today.

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